Apple ][ (Revision 2) – 1978

I found this original Apple ][ years ago from a older gentleman who had thrown away most of the “old junk” but managed to keep this (and one Europlus) in his basement. He wanted them to go an Apple ][ – user.

It’s nice real-deal Apple ][ with serial A2S1-9904 in the bottom.

The board manufacturing week was bit difficult to read, but i managed read it out to “7843”.

After lifting the CPU it turned out to be an rather rare & short in production, Revision 2 motherboard.

Original non-replaced 6502 CPU from week of 36 of 1978.

It had an AppleSoft ROM’s but i managed to found original IntegerROM chips to it for originality.

It is upgraded to full 48k but the lower RAM are original golden-Mostek’s with later part of 1978 manufacturing dates on them. They sure are pretty!

The logo on the lid was replaced with Apple ][+ but i managed to found, thanks to Paul Hagström of the original NOS part. It was brand new, never used.

The keyboard is original, raised powerlight -type of a keyboard. It has some issues & not 100% working condition. Few switches should be opened up and fixed.

It was atleast once, went thru an repairs, possibly the ][+ “upgrade” they had made.

In all it’s glory. This started something great in IT-industry no matter what you say. Atleast in 1977.

Of cos it needs proper bag for it, so an original Apple ][ leather bag is in order. This came originally from a friend that was used with Apple ][+ (upgraded to Europlus with wiring-mod to the motherboard).

Now only wish to find an Revision 0 -unit as Comoco did import Apple ][‘s to Finland as early as 1977 already. I know for a fact an serial number #1024 being imported but sadly, that unit is been lost.