Apple //c+

Finally got this model this year. This was a model that was never sold elsewhere than USA, so no international versions around. This creates problem with people living in other-than-115v powerline areas, i.e. Europe. But Aussies to the rescue! Mark Wise from Australia, manufactured an small batch of these Universal powersupplies to this model, making it just basic swap-in for the new 115-240v powersupply to be used!

Complete specs about Apple //c+ of cos at :

This is the unit i got for the States (thanks to Tony Diaz!) It would need an Retr0brighting to get rid of the yellowing… but that’s for an another task. Note: No, the //c+ is not from Kfest garage giveaway. Tony just sent me the shirt.

Major differences compared to the regular Apple //c were, 800k 3.5″ drive and user selectable processor speed 4mhz (1mhz user-selectable from boot).

Quinn Dunki of Blondihacks made an custom eprom with 1mhz selected as default if you want to burn your own.

From inside. The C+ model have internal powersupply.

And different keyboard mechanism. When i received mine, i took the keyboard to parts and cleaned it. Lots of stuck keys, so it took literally 100’s of times of pressing and cleaning before i got it working, and still it’s not perfect touch.

The Universal powersupply from Australia. It came in neat package and sticker to put on the top of the powersupply (note: the brand SONNY).

So basicly it was just swap in. Only few wires needed to be soldered. Could not be any easier.

The specs are in the label.


I’m using mine with VGA-adapter from and FloppyEmu from which makes great combination!


Of cos when running 4mhz, lots of older games run *too* fast (funny thing to say really)
but if you want, there’s an custom ROM from if you want to change that setup being 1mhz from the boot (and 4mhz by user-select).