Apple IIGS (ROM3) DVI-output is finally here. Me happy.

Finally using Apple IIGS (ROM3) is enjoyable! Specially in Europe, where Apple IIGS was NOT popular or like in Finland, where it was not even sold (after only importing 3 demo units).

So using your imported GS creates an challenge. Before this adapter, you had to either, get an Apple IIGS color monitor from USA and have an voltage transformer 115>230v or be lucky and find an European (230v) monitor somewhere in middle europe. No dice.
What i did before, was to have an custom Scart cable made, but that solution was far from being high quality (specially 80-colums mode was very blurry).

Koichi Nishida’s Nishida Radio to the rescue! Koichi is an electronical wizard from Japan who have created lots of products for Apple II and Japanise home computers (SORD m5).

I managed to get one finally from his webpage, where he sell’s the adapters when they are produced. You can’t just order them. He’ll announce the availability in Facebook in his page.

Where to buy?
Currently selling at 50 USD + 7 USD delivery.

Product details:

The adapter itself, works ONLY with ROM3 -units due design it uses. I believe there is work under process to create VGA/DVI/HDMI-adapters for GS ROM 0/1 versions as well but not by him.

The adapter outputs TMDS signal with either 27 MHz pixel clock (720 x 480) or 25 MHz (640 x 480) and syncs usually most LCD-monitors do sync on the signal without any issues.

The product arrived well-packaged and contained :
-The board itself
-Adapter to DVI

The adapter from the top shows the DIP-switches, DVI connector cable and additional connection for possible upgrades. The cable is slim so it can easily be slided out of the case and attached to the DVI-adapter board outside of the case, or you can mod it in the case itself.

The adapter from the bottom side. See the genius way to install it!

Installation itself was super easy. Just plug the adapter over the VGC-chip on left side, just under the Powersupply itself.

Note to myself. Don’t install Uthernet II-card in a wrong way 🙂 The GS wont boot.

Installed. it’s a tight fit but it’s, just so perfect.

It does fit under the Powersupply, just barely.

Using the ready-made GS/OS 6.0.1 from i tested the quality and it was impressive.

*More pictures will be updated *

I used temporary setup with ClassicIDE (4GB CF-card) and my 4MB RAM-card. It’s not ideal for me in many ways, so i’ve went back and put back the CFFA3000-card to it.  CFFA3000 is just perfect for any Apple II-usage in all possible ways. I need more of those..