Tero Sand – Apple II user

I just had to post this.

Tero Sand, one of the most known Apple II users (in his own way) in Finland – and user of the very few Apple IIgs’s in Finland at the time. His story was told in a Document i finally was able to obtain from the Producer, and director, Jean Bitar, of the document, “I wanted to live only”.

“I WANTED TO LIVE ONLY” (google translate)
Tero Sand Tero Sand paralyzed from the age of 3, when a car drove over him. Tero’s life dependent on the ventilator completely changed  ten years later, in 1978, when Tero got his first computer. Computer communication evaporation of the physical constraints and about
Tero became equal with others. Internet made the world infinitely Tero.
Tero Sand died in April 1996. When his death was announced on the Internet, through the network began flooding condolence, especially  from universities all over the world. Tero had time to create online an extensive career as an expert in particular, geology and  medicine, which scientists are often asked for advice and consultation. Tero was considered a rare intelligent expert, and his debilitating revealed to partners and correspondence with friends after his  death. Tero left the computer archives of their own ideas and parable, which he did not during his lifetime told anyone. Describing the well-known documentary by Jean Bitar first documentary about Tero I just want to live in was presented a deuce in 1991.
– Before the document descriptions of the month I spent with Tero and his family to meet them. It made me realize the importance of  the adoption of this program. I wanted to help healthy people better understand immobile and shows how more than 20 years of his life hospital lived Tero bursting with the joy of life and welcomes life and the world more mature than most of us are healthy, said Bitar in 1989.

The new documentary, “I just wanted to live” Bitar assembles the pieces of Tero’s entire life together in a new way, found in fresh  interviews and Tero computer archive material.

Will form an interesting and surprising puzzle that contained new information about the life of Tero.” I just wanted to live” for yourself stopping to think about each life tough intricacies of fate, coincidence, the meaning of existence …


Quick recap.
Tero was born in USA and where he was injured at the age of 3. He’s father was honored WW2 veteran and had Finnish wife.  After they treaded him in US for a while, they had to go first to the netherlands but started to run out of money. The Wife’s father  was very well known actor in Finland who had connections up to President even. President at the moment, Urho Kekkonen, heard about the  matter and gave Finnish citizien ship to Tero and his brother, and they then moved to finland to be taken care of, in a hospital where  Tero stayed ever since untill his death in spring 1996. He’s father was not happy as his son’s own country, USA, would not take care of him. He is still alive.

My investigative work lead me finding stories and information about Tero and his Apple-II hobby, so i tried to track down the Apple IIGS he had (morbid?). I tracked it down but sadly, it was thrown away somewhere in late 90’s as it just wasn’t up to the task  anymore.

So, where are the rest of the “demo unit” Apple IIgs’s imported in this country?

Tero Sand in early days with his Apple ][-clone and tape drives.

The way he used the keyboard. I am so impressed. Amazing.

He’s Apple IIgs-setup later on at hospital.