VGA to Apple II?

For all of us who want to have the best possible picture quality from their Apple II’s, VGA-output comes to mind. But is there such solutions around? Not many.

Plamen Vaysilov’s¬†have produced one option, if you have the Applied Engineering RamWorks III-card (or clone) in your Apple IIe. However, the adapter works only with NTSC-units.

Installatikon is very easy. Just plug the adapter in backside of the RamWorks III-card, route the video mode swtich-cable outside of the case and attach VGA cable. With Apple IIe models, the VGA-connector cable wont fit inside the case from the lot openings in the back.

I’ve used an Ethernet-VGA adapter to route the signal out of the case with ethernet cable, it works great. Such adapters can be found atleast, ebay.

The adapter supports these modes:
Color, Shade of Green, Monochrome, Monochrome green and the sames with emulated scanlines (as of in CRT-displays for vintage feel if you wish to have such).

It sure is better than composite output…

Get yours from: