Installing the Universal Power supply to Apple ///

I finally got around getting the “Universal Power supply” sold by for my “troublesome” Apple ///. Actually i have two Apple ///’s, the earlier 12v board version and later, 5v version. The 5v unit is far more better condition so naturally i wanted to get that running nice and smooth. I did earlier the 115>230v power supply pin-change in order to get it working in 230v AC but seems that the power supply would have needed total recapping as it just didn’t have the juice to boot anything up. So, the best solution was to get the “Universal Power supply”.

I am *not* an electronical wizard, so i was slightly worried about about the installation, even i knew it would be rather easy job, as otherwise, of cos, ReActiveMicro would not sell them.

There is two different kinds of kits available, one for the Apple II-series (II,II+,IIe,IIgs) and one for the Apple ///. They contain different parts due the nature of power supply model differences between Apple II-line and ///.

001_a3_upsu_partsHere where it all begins. The package came with the power supply PCB itself, the new power supply and few needed connectors and screws. I also ordered new power cable in order to get it all done right.

First thing is of cos to remove the old power supply by opening the screws (10 pcs).

When done, removed the old power cable and the old power supply (save the screws!).

The Apple /// power supply have two cables you need to remove from the power supply chassis. The LEFT BROWN cable (from the power switch) and the BLUE -cable from the old power supply connector.

005_a3_reallign_groundBefore installing the new PCB the ground connection cable needs to be slightly moved in order to give little bit more space the PCB to fit nicely. Loose the screw from the bottom and move the cable out of the way.

The new PCB installed. You need to use only 6 of the screws so i put the remaining one to the connector (far right) so it wont be lost.

The new power supply installed.

The new cables installed. The new cables didn’t needed to be peeled or anything, as the connector itself does than when you press the cables inside the connector.

After installing the stress relief cap over the newly made connections and we’re DONE.


I must admit it was really easy. It’s basicly impossible to do it improperly if you follow the installation instructions!

My troublesome Apple /// now works perfectly and i am very confident to use it in the future.


You can get yours from:

Installation guide and help: