Apple //e keyboard repairs:


Got this Apple //e (on right) among other things from Sweden last year. All of them had some issues, this //e had broken keyswitch and the cap had gone missing so it needed repairing. Otherwise it was fully working so i went ahead and desided to fix it up. I had never actually replaced a switch before so it was nice to get such work done as i had the tools for it.

Before starting to repair the switch, i did general cleanup and dusting around and washing the keycaps. Sauna is great place to dry them up 🙂

Thanks to Eduardo in Canada, i got the switch and the keycap so i could start the repairs. The repair would be quite simple, if you’ve soldered before. Just desolder the broken switch and replace it with the working one. If you want information how to do it, you can watch the great repair video by Charles Mangin at : . I watched this as well before doing anything, just in case. 

Tools needed:
-Desoldering iron station, wick or pump.
-Soldering iron and solder.
-Pliers for removing the switch.
-Multimeter for testing continuity afterwards (optional).

Depeding of your tools and experience, it’s either super easy and quick or annoyingly slow and messy. That’s why i got the Desoldering iron station. With it, it takes only seconds to remove soldering.

Replacing the switch:
When the solderjoints are desoldered, the old switch should be removed easily. Using pliers it comes out easily.

Soldering the new switch:
Insert new switch and solder the joints.

Checking the soldering joins:
If you have multimeter set it to continuity and test the connections between the newly soldered joint and  next join in same line.


Other observations:


-Board model : 920-0073-B // B-607-0264-F
-Board date : 8449
-CPU R6502-40
-All ROM’s are UK non-enhanced //e
-Video ROM : 342-0160-A
-CDROM : 342-0135-B
-EFROM : 342-0134-B

Regular European Apple //e Assembled in Ireland.

Oddly this have the switch underneath the keyboard! Usually that would indicate the unit was ment for market area where they had other languages than english, i.e. Nordics or Belenux-countries. With the switch you could swap the keyboard layout i.e. from SWE/FIN to ENG. So this might be just an unit with some swapped parts to get one working one.

All done.


FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple II Forever.