Once there were Apple II clones:


This is again part of the Finnish Apple ][-history that i’m interested in very much of. I really enjoy finding these gems and hearing stories or the users, what they used these machines for and even finding software written by Finnish users and in Finnish. This setup in hand, was once used in Virrat, Westcoast of Finland in Graphical desing company at actually still exists today.



The computer itself, Apple ][+ is an clone (Made in Japan, unknown brand). The board have lots of custom wiring done from Slot #7. I’m not sure what they are ment to do, but i assume it’s done for getting color signal out of the board. Like an “Europlus-modification” they did for the ][+ boards before Europlus was released. There were few cards installed inside: 16k language card and Interface card for the plotter.


The keyboard looked great, there were lots of “macros” printed to them. The spacebar seems to be needing some repair work as it’s somehow stuck. Hopefully the switches are not broken.


Also, finally got the Apple Graphics tablet! I had previously had just the interface card that came with the Apple II (1978, Rev.2) some years ago. The owner had just earlier thrown away the tablet he had.. good timing but glad finding original Apple II that time. Also have the original software floppy (13-sector) and the manual but now i was finally able to get the actual tablet. So, let’s DRAW! I’ve been waiting for this.. more about this later in another blog-post.


The set also had WATANABE MIPLOT WX4675-plotter with manuals. This thing is quite big and heavy! I have no idea how to operate it but i’ll try later and see what happens. I found an old advertisement that had these for sale around $1000. If the manuals are not scanned, i’ll scan them.



The floppy drive was typical (what came with the clones if you bought one) half-height 5.25″-drive and had naturally, cloned Disk II-interface card with it.


The nice suprise was that there were very nice WICO Joystick “The Command Controll” with Apple II-adapter for two joysticks (16-pin Apple connector used with Apple II+).

Loose cards that came with the set, were common 80-column card, that was even boxed (plain white box with the name of the product).  There were also “PAL-encoder” -card (for color video output) for the Apple II+/europlus-era what they used to get color output.

There were few books:
“Apple Opas – DOS Basic/DOS 3.3/Pascal/Apple II+” – in Finnish. This is pretty great local original publication by Apple. Forewords by CEO of Apple Finland Oy at the time, Seppo Nykänen. I had this already but haven’t got around scanning it yet. Might actually scan this from the decent A4-copy i have, easier & much faster and less destructive. The common “The Applesoft Tutorial” -were there also.


“Mikrotietokone työkaluksi” book by great electronics and Apple II-wizard, Aapi Juntura. He and his son, wrote for Finnish Apple II user magazine “Omenahyve” for years. He’s still around but just not active anymore. This is also onebook i’m “in process” of scanning.. someday.

Some floppy disks:
One of the most intresting part of obtaining these old collections, or setups, is always if you get software on floppy disks. You never know what you might find from them! I imaged all floppies that were possible to read. Few of them were in really bad shape and the surface of the floppy started to fall off when tried to read them. The disks contained a lot of different kind of software releated to making maps and making measurements for them. Software were Finnish made written in Basic. Some were by the great Aapi Juntura.

Graphics Tablet software in Finnish (i believe this was by Aapi Juntura as well!).

Once again Finnish Apple II history saved!


FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple II Forever