Go see the doctor! – Apple //e Diagnostic Card:

The original card: (821-0188 Rev.A, Rev.B) (picture: asimov)

The card was used by service technicians to make diagnostic on Apple //e systems.  It contained a diagnostic program in Eproms and was able to find many basic hardware problem in the Apple //e. It was ment to be used by service technicians and it wasn’t publicly sold, therefore it’s naturally very rare.

New clone card: (821-0188 Rev.B)

This is close to 100% clone of the original Apple //e diagnostic card made by Jay Graham with help of the retro computer community and introduced at KansasFest 2018.

Other (Apple internal) similar cards:

A2e Functional test card (1982)(SKA011-01) (picture: a2central.com)

A2e Slot tester card (1982)(SKA012-01) (picture: a2central.com)

How to use the Diagnostic card?

Insert to any slot. The card by original design, on purpose, is too tall, so the lid can’t be closed. Push the red switch away from the keyboard to activate the ROM and start the unit. When turned on it tests the CPU and ROM’s (D8,D10) right away and you can see results on screen.

From the menu you can run different hardware releated tests and get error messages if something fails.

(P) Processor test
(R) Read only Memory Test
– Are both executed when powering up the system and result can be read from bottom of the menu screen. Here those tests can be re-run if needed.

(M) Random Access Memory Test
-Each RAM of the board are been tested. The screen clears and alternates three times between two graphics pages and then screen alternates then times between a graphcs page and a black page, $D000-$FFFF. If an error occurs, it shows the location of the chip.

(C) Character Set Test
-Shows all (four sets of) characters on screen.

(K) Keyboard test
-Shows the keyboard on screen and by pressing each key, you can test the operational status of the each key (US-layout).

(V) Video Test
-High and Low resolution graphics are tested. Low Resolution test alternates two identical “lores” graphics  pages that have different message on bottom. The graphics should stay constant regardless of the displayed message. High Resolution is similar expect “1” or “2” alternates in the upper left corner of the grid.

(L) Loop ROM RAM and processor test
-This is continuous test of three first tests, ROM, RAM, Processor.

(S) Speaker test
-Plays five tones incrementing from low to high.

Usefull card for testing your just found Apple //e pile of computers or parts. Those other diagnostic cards look very interesting, SlotTest and FuncTest but those are even more rare. Haven’t heard anything them being cloned or taken apart.

FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple II Forever.