Apple //c – Color video Modulator/Adapters:

There were several diffrent color adapters for Apple //c produced by Apple:


PAL Modulator/Adapter
Model A2M4023 

The adapter is for PAL models for color video output and has composite out as well as RF-out. 



PAL Modulator/Adapter
Model A2M4020
P/N 825-0830-A

This will generate PAL colour (RF) output from NTSC //c.  With PAL //c with this adapter will only produce a monochrome picture. 

Model A2M4020
P/N 825-0817-A / 825-0816-A 

This is for NTSC model to generate color RF-output.


Le Chat Mauve : //c RVB Peritel 
Model AM2M4020F
Made in France

 This is for PAL models and it have RGB, SCART-connector. 

back_both_s front_both_s connectors_s
Comparing the models in different angels.

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