Apple //c donation!

I got this nice set of Apple //c goodies from ex. Apple II user, let’s call him here “Rancher Paul”. He used to be very active user and had Apple //c with 8Mhz Zipchip and even Apple IIGS (one of those few that got importedhere) but those are long gone now.

There were also bunch of floppies, but mostly private Appleworks-data disks so i imaged those first and delivered them to Paul.

So this nice Apple //c then, i did what i usually do, i took it in parts, checked all details and parts and did basic cleaning and tested to be sure if it works or if there would be some repairing to do. 

For the case and the keycaps, i disassembled the whole unit and washed the whole case from all dirt it might have collected over the years. I don’t do retr0bright.. should try it some sunny summer? The sauna is good place to dry things up..

I removed the caps and washed them well. I don’t use (should i?) the keycap puller tool, just regular screwdriver will do.

..they do collect all kind of dirt on them over the years, or decades.

One thing i hate with the //c is that darn spillover rubber protection mat.. 

External drive,

Took the exeternal drive to parts and cleaned the case and the inner parts, the head and adjusted the speed.

The external drive, Disk II, had quite clever adapter to DB19.

The motherboard,

The board was quite clean but did some cleaning but not with isoprophyl alcohol in this case. It looked fine. It had the original ROM255.

Things back together and testing (with my own laptop-powersupply to be sure) and it worked fine. I did not attach VGA or composite color adapter so there’s no colors on screen.

Nice Apple //c with original ROM255 (The Apple ][+ logo there just for the fun of it..)


Thank you Paul!

FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple II Forever.