Apple /// with Profile-drive:

Finally (february 2018) i got around testing the Profile hard drive i got with the Apple /// 128k (12v) i bought few years ago. I no longer have that /// but i kept the Profile that i never was ableto test as i didn’t have fully working ///. Now i tested it with the later 5v 256k model ///. It was originally US 110v model that i converted to 220v with simple jump-wire change inside the PSU. Sadly the Powersupply wasn’t up to the task anymore so i had to replace it with the new, Universal Powersupply from Reactivemicro. That was actually only a good thing.

So i looked up those Profile I/O cards (i have two) and installed one to preferred slot 4. Finding suitable SOS-disk with the Profile driver took some time (v1.1 did not have it, only 1.2/1.3 did containthe Profile driver).

Adding the driver to the SOS-disk wouldn’t have been too difficult, BUT at the time, my internal drive needed speed adjustment and could not write (or format) disks so it was kind of a issue there (edit: the drive got serviced up later on and is working great now).

“I’m OK”. Kind of.

The ProFile drive powered up, but did not light up the “ready” light. I thought it was just that is wasn’t used for god knows how long, i tried few times and i believe, in 4th time, it did boot up ok. And it was seen by SOS as well. It DID work. I must admit i was amazed. The drive itself came from south europe originally and was smashed by the UPS. There’s some plastic missing from the corners of the Profile enclousure but it stays together & looks decent.

The drive makes really horrible noise. Surely due it’s age and lack of usage but still, IT. IS. LOUD. Wonder how long the drive actually works if i keep using it 🙂 If this would have been the case in the 80’s when people used these, surely those people would be half deaf by now..

Apple /// is limited of booting from internal floppy drive ONLY and you can’t get around that. There are some SD-card solutions (SDfloppy2 and Floppyemu) that you can attach to the internal floppy connection and use it to boot the diskimages from. I have not tried this as of yet. 

The conventional Profile drive you can replace with solution like CFFA2/ClassicIDE (or equilevant) and using CF-memory as hard disk (you need suitable adapter for this). This is one thing i’m interested in getting into and make such setup work. But that’s something for 2019…

FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple /// forever.