They belong together: Apple /// and Monitor ///

(September 2017) ..nothing fancy here. Just an old Monitor ///

Finally i was able to find locally the Monitor /// model for my Apple ///. I’ve used my Apple /// with the Monitor // and of course it works, but it just looks silly. However finding the Monitor /// wasnt’s exactly easy over here but luckily a local finnish retrocomputer user who had repaired his “in almost impossible condition” Apple /// , had one extra. So we made trade to things that interested him. As i’ve mentioned (more than often i’m sure) how difficult it is to find anything Apple II or ///-hardware/software over here, this was actualy really good strike of luck. 


It had the typical Apple logo sticker in front, which i however removed.


My old Monitor /// i had, was opened and inspected by a ex. colleque who used to service Apple II and Machitosh’es in the 80-90’s and it actually did work. It looked quite bad so i never powered it up before. It wasn’t serviced at all just checked it worked as i don’t plan really using it.

I have two Apple ///’s and i use LCD/TV-model with the one with Titan cards on it as it generates “almost correct” color video with the RGB-cable. The Monitor /// is then used with stock 256k /// and one kept as a backup.


FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple /// Forever.