Fujitsu 12″ LCD POS display:

Thanks to a friend, i got a tip of a nice small 12″ industrial POS (Point of Sale) LCD monitor with touch screen support, that would work and fit nicely with Apple II’s. The size and color felt just correct so i had to try one and buy it. These were previously used and cost around 39€ +shipping from Germany so total cost would not be that high. It arrived safely after a week and it was well packaged and in OK condition, just really few minor scratches barely notiseable at all. 

Specs of the display: 

Model: Fujitsu 3000LCD12 
-Size : 31,1 cm (12″)
-Resolution : 800×600
-Video inputs: VGA, DVI
-Audio: Audio-in
-Connectors: Powered pUSB 
-Touchscreen support
-Powersupply adaptor with powercable.


I tested the display with few of my II’s that have VGA-connectors:

Apple //c (PAL) (VGA, adapter) 

When the unit is connected to the AC it starts to whine/buzz very annoyingly. I am not sure if this that this unit is fawlty or it’s by design (hard to believe that). The whining noise does not disappear and it really prevents me using the display with VGA connected devices. I swapped the power extension, tried plugging it in different socket/room but it did not make an difference. To be sure, i also tested with modern PC laptop with VGA output on it, the same noise continued. So sad. The design was really nice and color suitable for Apple II’s.

Apple //e platinum (NTSC) (VGA, RWIII-adapter) 

Apple IIgs (NTSC) (ROM3, DVI, Nishida DVI-adapter) 

With DVI there’s no that whining/buzzing sound. The picture quality was as good as it would be with the DVI being digital. It fits nicely in top of the IIgs as well making it pretty nice setup all together.


Apple //e platinum and MEGA audio:
Audio quality is weak as one would expect from such tiny speakers. There’s barely no bass and the sound is very thin.
These are just ment for beebs and such with POS systems and not great solution for gamers or users needing better audio quality.

Apple IIgs with Darksound:
No difference here. The same thin sound is outputed here as well. I would not use this monitor for gaming with these speakers.



These are ment for POS-systems so they are made for different purposes. The picture quality is quite ok and the colors are deep and resolution is fine no artifacts. The black is really black. With this model i could not find any adjustment’s that could be done as there is such with the 15″-model. This have touch screen support built-in but it’s not useable with retro-computers. The build quality is quite fine, expect i notised (keep in mind these are pre-used) the front panel went down if it was pressed. The stand is quite heavy duty made but you really need to diassemble it if you want to install the video cables but again, this is for the industrial use. The big problem i had with this was the whining-buzzing sound it outputted when the AC was plugged in. With DVI it disappears but with VGA it did not. So it really could not be used with VGA at all. The noise was just too annoying! I am not sure as of yet if i need to return it. If RMA requires me paying for the return shipping it might not just be worth it – cheaper and easier to buy an another if needed but i’m not going to get an another right now.

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