SNES/ATARI – joystick / contoller adapter for Apple II


This adapter i got from ByteBoosters who recently made this SNES/Atari joystick adapter for Apple II. It basicly works in any Apple II model, but with II and II+ you need 16pin to D9-adapter cable.

TAC-2 (Commodore/Atari) and SNES game pad.

This revision/firmware 05 works with Atari/Commodore and SNES controllers but with patch cable (provided/installed for later retail revision) it works with SEGA Mastersystem and Genesis controllers as well. I do not have such controllers so i just tested with Atari/Commodore and SNES (thanks to Petri for the SNES controller).

This revision works with digital joysticks only, so games that need values changed smoothly a’la Arkanoid and such, this adapter really doesn’t work well, mostly making them unplayable. There’s development for this adapter or next generation version of it, that will support Playstation 1 and 2 pad’s (with those thumb joysticks).


Installation, is easy. Just plug it in the adapter’s D9 connector (Apple //e shown) or use the 16pin>D9 adapter if you’re using II or II+.


It came with D9-D9 cable so i was able to move the adapter away from the back of the system for easier placement.

There’s few settings in the adapter itself (as of jumper):
-Swap buttons
-Buttons L/R 
-Buttons Y/X

What about the games?


I tested some of my favorites (from the great Total Replay hdd-image) and with TAC-2 joystick that had been favorite joystick of mine since 80’s and the Nintendo SNES contoller pad. I played long rounds with favorite games like H.E.R.O. and Choplifter and specially Choplifter became even more (!) playable with SNES pad. I really enjoyed the quick response from the buttons! Choplifter with Fastchip //e + SNES pad is really awesome combination as well Karataka running at 5Mhz 🙂 Playing games like Arkanoid was impossible as it naturally relies on analog values.

These types of contollers and joysticks are much easier and cheaper to get, so the adapter is good investment in my opinion. It’s not pefect as it’s digital only but, for most games it works just as well.

Available from for $39.95 + shipping.

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