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Lucky bid, Apple /// manuals!

books_top_of_apple3_sAtleast once i had luck with the ebay and won some interesting and missing manuals from my collection. Especially i was after the “Apple Business Basic Refence Manuals”.

All of them are in English expect the “Apple /// Handboek voor de gebruiker” that is in Dutch. That’s very interesting and needs to be scanned. Will do that when i get the new book scanner sometime in early, i hope, 2019.

Apple Business Basic – Reference Manual – Volume 1
Apple Business Basic – Reference Manual – Volume 2
Pascal Programmer’s Manual – Volume 1
Pascal Programmer’s Manual – Volume 2
Pascal Program Preperation Tools
Pascal Introduction, Filer, and Editor
Pascal 11 Update
Apple /// Owner’s Guide
Apple /// Handboek voor de gebruiker (Dutch)
Universal Parallel Interface Card Manual
Apple Writer /// Operating Manual (no floppy)

FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple /// Forever.


They belong together: Apple /// and Monitor ///

(September 2017) ..nothing fancy here. Just an old Monitor ///

Finally i was able to find locally the Monitor /// model for my Apple ///. I’ve used my Apple /// with the Monitor // and of course it works, but it just looks silly. However finding the Monitor /// wasnt’s exactly easy over here but luckily a local finnish retrocomputer user who had repaired his “in almost impossible condition” Apple /// , had one extra. So we made trade to things that interested him. As i’ve mentioned (more than often i’m sure) how difficult it is to find anything Apple II or ///-hardware/software over here, this was actualy really good strike of luck. 


It had the typical Apple logo sticker in front, which i however removed.


My old Monitor /// i had, was opened and inspected by a ex. colleque who used to service Apple II and Machitosh’es in the 80-90’s and it actually did work. It looked quite bad so i never powered it up before. It wasn’t serviced at all just checked it worked as i don’t plan really using it.

I have two Apple ///’s and i use LCD/TV-model with the one with Titan cards on it as it generates “almost correct” color video with the RGB-cable. The Monitor /// is then used with stock 256k /// and one kept as a backup.


FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple /// Forever.

Apple /// with Profile-drive:

Finally (february 2018) i got around testing the Profile hard drive i got with the Apple /// 128k (12v) i bought few years ago. I no longer have that /// but i kept the Profile that i never was ableto test as i didn’t have fully working ///. Now i tested it with the later 5v 256k model ///. It was originally US 110v model that i converted to 220v with simple jump-wire change inside the PSU. Sadly the Powersupply wasn’t up to the task anymore so i had to replace it with the new, Universal Powersupply from Reactivemicro. That was actually only a good thing.

So i looked up those Profile I/O cards (i have two) and installed one to preferred slot 4. Finding suitable SOS-disk with the Profile driver took some time (v1.1 did not have it, only 1.2/1.3 did containthe Profile driver).

Adding the driver to the SOS-disk wouldn’t have been too difficult, BUT at the time, my internal drive needed speed adjustment and could not write (or format) disks so it was kind of a issue there (edit: the drive got serviced up later on and is working great now).

“I’m OK”. Kind of.

The ProFile drive powered up, but did not light up the “ready” light. I thought it was just that is wasn’t used for god knows how long, i tried few times and i believe, in 4th time, it did boot up ok. And it was seen by SOS as well. It DID work. I must admit i was amazed. The drive itself came from south europe originally and was smashed by the UPS. There’s some plastic missing from the corners of the Profile enclousure but it stays together & looks decent.

The drive makes really horrible noise. Surely due it’s age and lack of usage but still, IT. IS. LOUD. Wonder how long the drive actually works if i keep using it ūüôā If this would have been the case in the 80’s when people used these, surely those people would be half deaf by now..

Apple /// is limited of booting from internal floppy drive ONLY and you can’t get around that. There are some SD-card solutions (SDfloppy2 and Floppyemu) that you can attach to the internal floppy connection and use it to boot the diskimages from. I have not tried this as of yet. 

The conventional Profile drive you can replace with solution like CFFA2/ClassicIDE (or equilevant) and using CF-memory as hard disk (you need suitable adapter for this). This is one thing i’m interested in getting into and make such setup work. But that’s something for 2019…

FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple /// forever.

Apple II and /// software finds


Found some interesting boxed software sometime ago. All in great condition and complete so far i can tell. What makes it more interesting (for preservation and locality sense) some are in Swedish.

These all are now preserved in .woz format. The manuals are to be scanned later when i get a new book scanner (2019).

pfs: Graph (Apple II)

pfs: Report (Apple II)

FALK II (Apple II, Swedish)

FALK II (Apple II, Swedish)

FALK II (Apple II, Swedish)

FALK II (Apple II, Swedish)

pfs: file (Apple ///)

Apple Writer /// (Apple /// – with Swedish floppy and manual)

Apple Writer /// (Apple /// – with Swedish floppy and manual)


Things kinds of finds keep me going with this hobby!


FinApple 2018 (c)
Apple II & /// Forever.



p.s. Please contact me if you have more Nordic Apple II or /// software! 


Apple In Europa – Vol.1 No.4 (Januar 1982)

apple-in-europa-vol-1-no-4-januar-1982-german_s_2I found one nice Apple (internal?) newsletter from early 1982, in German, called “APPLE IN EUROPA”. It was usual sales/product/business info but also nice pieces of history for details-buffs like myself.

I found out for example the exat time/dates when they showed the Apple /// for the first time in Finland at the ELCOM ’81 exhibition/trade show, Helsinki, 2-6- November 1981.


As well DESIGN ’81 in Helsinki, 2-6 August 1981, had an FinApple’s presense and assume Apple ][ was the main item.


Also¬†KONTTORITEKNIIKAN N√ĄYTTELY ’81 in Turku, 23-26 September 1981. I’ve been in some of these in Helsinki maybe in 1986-1988 time range or so. These were about all things releated to office work, papers, pens, desks, computers – all you can think of.



img_0000_sIF somebody have more of these, please contact me, share there, or contact me for scanning them. These are extermely interesting pieces of history and detail!

I am not sure if i’ve seen this Sales Promotion Price List scanned up.


Scanned pdf can be found at

FinApple 2017
Apple ][ forever.


Apple /// – working finally (mostly)

Apple ///’s are strange beasts. They are not by any means as simple and sophisticated as Apple II’s were/are, no. They have their own many flaws but due different kinds of sophistication. This leads to funny situations. Like if your keyboard light is burned, the system wont boot. Aiming to perfection maybe?

My Apple /// (5v) is not working quite good after the Universal Powersupply-installation. Only problem seems to be the floppy drive. It does read most disks, but it fails to format disks that remains one issue to be solved. Or : if anybody have extra Disk ///-drive to sell me?

The light is on! That’s an good sign. We’ve running system.

The led of the internal floppy drive is there, so we’re good to go… maybe.

Apple /// dealer test. Everything else Passed expect the disk drive. It wont format the test disk. Maybe little cleaning will do the job.

Graphics tests went thru nicely. The Apple /// graphics are quite good i think. Just of cos, would like to get somehow this all in Color..

a3_utitliesSystem Utilities v1.1.

a3_clockOrdered the Apple /// clock upgrade-kit from¬†(thanks Javier “Mr Retr0bright” for the help!) so we’ll be able to keep the time in the future.

The whole nine yards. My “mostly” working Apple /// in all it’s glory. Sure the Monitor II looks bit silly in top of the Apple /// but the Monitor /// i have is kind of questionable condition, meaning, i am hesistant to powering it up. Maybe i’ll find one or there’ll be VGA/DVI/HDMI option-card for the Apple /// someday in the future.

Got the “Alien Downpour”, a new homebrew game programmed and released by Michael Packard¬†(order your 5.25″ floppy or c-casette tape) run in Apple /// in Apple ][ -emulation mode. I’ve tried to get this to boot few times (same media, proven to work with Apple IIe) but now it managed to boot itself. The game is difficult¬†but really great coding and graphics. Michael is writing an book about the process of programming the game, wich i really look forward reading!

Now.. it would be really great if some of the Apple II/III community hardware wizards would make adapter so we could use Apple II joysticks with the Apple ///…. anyone?

Forgot totally, there’s an custom made cable’s made by Option8 at: ¬†
That allow to use of Disk II-drives with Apple /// Рor if you wish, an SD-card drive like SDFloppyII from

So i ordered one of each of the cables. Finding working Disk /// -drive(s) is very difficult so this will do for the time being very nicely.

Needed & to-do-list:
– To find, Apple Monitor /// (230v)
– To find, External floppy drive, Disk ///
– Cleaning, repairing the internal floppy drive.
– Testing my ProFile drive & Interface cards
– Testing if the ClassicIDE-card (basicly CFFA2) works with Apple /// (CF-HDD)


Installing the Universal Power supply to Apple ///

I finally got around getting the “Universal Power supply” sold by¬†¬†for my “troublesome” Apple ///. Actually i have two Apple ///’s, the earlier 12v board version and later, 5v version. The 5v unit is far more better condition so naturally i wanted to get that running nice and smooth. I did earlier the 115>230v power supply pin-change in order to get it working in 230v AC but seems that the power supply would have needed total recapping as it just didn’t have the juice to boot anything up. So, the best solution was to get the “Universal Power supply”.

I am *not* an electronical wizard, so i was slightly worried about about the installation, even i knew it would be rather easy job, as otherwise, of cos, ReActiveMicro would not sell them.

There is two different kinds of kits available, one for the Apple II-series (II,II+,IIe,IIgs) and one for the Apple ///. They contain different parts due the nature of power supply model differences between Apple II-line and ///.

001_a3_upsu_partsHere where it all begins. The package came with the power supply PCB itself, the new power supply and few needed connectors and screws. I also ordered new power cable in order to get it all done right.

First thing is of cos to remove the old power supply by opening the screws (10 pcs).

When done, removed the old power cable and the old power supply (save the screws!).

The Apple /// power supply have two cables you need to remove from the power supply chassis. The LEFT BROWN cable (from the power switch) and the BLUE -cable from the old power supply connector.

005_a3_reallign_groundBefore installing the new PCB the ground connection cable needs to be slightly moved in order to give little bit more space the PCB to fit nicely. Loose the screw from the bottom and move the cable out of the way.

The new PCB installed. You need to use only 6 of the screws so i put the remaining one to the connector (far right) so it wont be lost.

The new power supply installed.

The new cables installed. The new cables didn’t needed to be peeled or anything, as the connector itself does than when you press the cables inside the connector.

After installing the stress relief cap over the newly made connections and we’re DONE.


I must admit it was really easy. It’s basicly impossible to do it improperly if you follow the installation instructions!

My troublesome Apple /// now works perfectly and i am very confident to use it in the future.


You can get yours from:

Installation guide and help:



New Powersupply for Apple ///

Finally got around ordering new¬†powersupply –¬†“Universal Powersupply” for the Apple /// wich i had problems with booting up. Hope this will make things better.. and no need to start investigating the motherboard itself. Will comment more when i receive this and how the installation goes.

“Universal Powersupply” from (Apple /// version)

And new powercable. It’s surely good idea to replace the cable for some 35+ year old computer while you are at it.

Wish me luck!


Apple /// – endless projects?

I have not one, but two, non working Apple ///’s. It’s pretty much normal if you own Apple ///.

No, these units are not found from Finland. I’ve never come across any Apple /// hardware in Finland, which is a shame. I know they had/sold 100’s of these (i have old stock inteventory listing which lists these) but i’ve never seen any in real life.

5v USA model. It’s pretty clean and seems to be working order (but that’s nothing in /// world).

And it’s serial. It’s an 120v USA model (those PSU’s are easy to convert 240v with just one jumper wire).

Like this: move the wire from 115v to 230v as above. Too bad, the caps on this PSU seems to be close to death, i can not get it to boot (feels like the current is not enough to power it up). I am in a process of getting an universal powersupply for it.

My european 230v powered, 12v board-model. It’s pretty rough…and dirty. Few caps missing, PSU works BUT needs recapping ASAP. The Profile powers up as well. It’s in project stage.. Have no idea if this could be made working in the end.

img_20151010_161447And it’s serial number. It is 128k model with extra memory board and that’s when we (again) get into trouble… (common theme with Apple ///?).

Cleaning the memory board.

img_20160424_1503332The RAM-test in boot (diagnose) gives out results like this…

..and i’ve managed to get it almost working with replacement board and swapping the chips. Still quite not there however. It could be the PSU issue as well.

apple-iii-collectionBrother’s in arms. Maybe someday one of them is made ALIVE! again…


Some German technical manuals scanned to PDF+OCR

Scanned some German-language technical manuals to PDF with OCR and are downloadable at and also in Asimov.


Apple II – Disk II Laufwerk – Technische Verfahren (Rev. 31.8.82-German)



Apple III – Technische Verfahren (Rev. 12.23.82-German)


Apple III – Technische Verfahren – Externes Diskettenlaufwerk III (Rev. 28.3.83-German)