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Chinese Apple II game manuals

Got an nice donation from Simon Ng all the way from Hongkong. He was kind enough to donate all these  for archiving. Even all of them might not be totally original, preserving these will serve the common good and preserving the history of Apple II in Hongkong/China/Taiwan.


-The Dam Busters (Accolade) – Chinese manual
-Project: The Space Station (HesWare) – Chinese manual
-The Halley Project: A Mission in our solar System (Mindscape) – Chinese manual
-Thunderchopper (ActionSoft) – English manual
-Ticket to Hollywood (BlueLion Software) – English manual
-Shard of Spring (SSI) – Chinese manual
-Rampage (Activision) – English manual
-Roadwar Europa (SSI) – English manual
-Techno Cop (U.S. Gold) – English manual
-Hacker II (Activision) – Chinese manual
-Strike Feet (EOA) – English manual
-Paperboy (Mindscape Inc.) – English manual
-The Seven Cities of Gold (EOA) – English manual
-Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games) – English manual
-Alice in Wonderland (Windham Classics) – Chinese manual


These games have either original Taiwanese gamebox or game manual (English/Chinese) and have Taiwanese  “Pirate” company TERMINATOR-badge on them.


I’ll scan the boxes, disk labels and the game manuals (when in Chinese) for archiving and they’ll be  available at > “Apple II Chinese Collection” and Asimov-archives.

Some of the English language manuals (or disk images) are already available but the missing ones, will be scanned and uploaded to & Asimov-archives.



The disk images will be available as well in Asimov. Most are cracked already, some are been cracked now in 2017 by talented crackers.

I’ll possibly crack these with the help of “Hardcore Computist”/”Computist” magazine just for the learning  purposes and as well, the FUN of it.

Applied Engineering System Clock


Fully Pro-Dos compatible.
• Automatic time and date stamping
• Easy to use from BASIC
• Battery operated, uses 3 “AA” batteries (will last 1-2 years before simple replacement)
• Date has year, month, date and day of week
• Time has hou’rs, minutes and seconds
• The only clock for the Ilc that displays the date and time on the Appleworks screen,
• Will time and date stamp Appleworks files.
• Auto access from Appleworks data-base (just use a time and date field)
• Pass through serial port – The Ilc system clock can plug into either the modem or printer serial port, then the modem or printer plugs into the clock.

Few pictures of the unit i have:

It’s small and light and designed to fit the //c style nicely. Wonder how many of these Applied Engineering actually sold?

The switches on the back.

Inside, it uses reqular 3x AAA batteries to keep the date/time.

The battery holder.



Software: Clock_Utilities.DSK

Manual: %20-%20User%20Manual%20v2.0%20(Applied%20Engineering).pdf