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EOA “Album sleeve” games for Apple ][


I have lately added to my collection some more nice games released by Electronic Arts (good ol’ “EOA”), those all come in  “album”-style sleeve. Activision also released games in such packaging – not sure if any other company did this?


This made me wonder of cos, what games were released by EOA packaged like this?
I found an list from wikipedia listing these:


I don’t think the Wikipedia-list is very complete however..

My collection:

Adventure Construction Set
Music Construction Set
Movie Maker
Archon II: Adept
Lords of the Conquest
Age of Adventure
Murder on The Zuinderneuf
The Seven Cities of Gold
Pinball Construction Set
Marble Madness
Pinball Construction Set
Axis Assassin
The Seven Cities of Gold (Chinese disk and manual, no box)
Adventure Construction Set (Chinese disk and manual, no box)

What i am looking for:
Hard Hat Mack
Bard’s Tale
Bard’s Tale II
Bard’s Tale III
etc..etc…”collect ’em all”

FinApple 2017
Apple ][ forever

Apple II – Chinese Game Manuals online

Finally, i got the remaining Chinese game manuals scanned! These are now all available at:

They are scanned either 300 or 60dpi, black&white and some have box pictures and floppy labels scanned, if available. The quality of the originals wasn’t that great sometimes, but i did what i could. Important is, that they are now been saved up in digital form.


Chinese Apple II game manuals

Got an nice donation from Simon Ng all the way from Hongkong. He was kind enough to donate all these  for archiving. Even all of them might not be totally original, preserving these will serve the common good and preserving the history of Apple II in Hongkong/China/Taiwan.


-The Dam Busters (Accolade) – Chinese manual
-Project: The Space Station (HesWare) – Chinese manual
-The Halley Project: A Mission in our solar System (Mindscape) – Chinese manual
-Thunderchopper (ActionSoft) – English manual
-Ticket to Hollywood (BlueLion Software) – English manual
-Shard of Spring (SSI) – Chinese manual
-Rampage (Activision) – English manual
-Roadwar Europa (SSI) – English manual
-Techno Cop (U.S. Gold) – English manual
-Hacker II (Activision) – Chinese manual
-Strike Feet (EOA) – English manual
-Paperboy (Mindscape Inc.) – English manual
-The Seven Cities of Gold (EOA) – English manual
-Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games) – English manual
-Alice in Wonderland (Windham Classics) – Chinese manual


These games have either original Taiwanese gamebox or game manual (English/Chinese) and have Taiwanese  “Pirate” company TERMINATOR-badge on them.


I’ll scan the boxes, disk labels and the game manuals (when in Chinese) for archiving and they’ll be  available at > “Apple II Chinese Collection” and Asimov-archives.

Some of the English language manuals (or disk images) are already available but the missing ones, will be scanned and uploaded to & Asimov-archives.



The disk images will be available as well in Asimov. Most are cracked already, some are been cracked now in 2017 by talented crackers.

I’ll possibly crack these with the help of “Hardcore Computist”/”Computist” magazine just for the learning  purposes and as well, the FUN of it.

Apple Stellar Invaders (A2D0031, 1980) 13-sector

I’ve thought this floppy just wont boot. I once received it among lots of old DOS 3.2/early 3.3 floppies and could not get it to boot (knew it was 13-sector after looking at it with disk editor) and put it side. Now i just came across it again and give it a try. It did boot. But not everytime.

There seems to be an later 16-sector version of it around as well, which kind of was an suprise.

There were great discussion about the game and the copy protection written by legendary Apple II hacker “HotRod” in Googlegroups at:!msg/comp.sys.apple2/elYDhdB6oPQ/xCrVZ5FL23gJ

The original 13-sector floppy.

Before you get to play the game, you are asked if you (really) need instructions, or if you are uisng game controllers or if you wish to hear the sound effects.

The game itself is pretty basic Invaders-clone shoot-em-up game with pretty amusing enemies that are attacking you. Shoot ’em all!


Apple II software list (Computer Game Station)

Found also an nice list of Apple II games/software sold by “Computer Game Station” in Helsinki. This was just an listing for some hot items, they had more of other titles as well.

Utility/productivity software.



And the games.

I do collect (&preserve) original software for Apple ][ – so IF you happen to have any of these, please do contact me.

Choplifter (Omenahyve, Joulukuu 1983)

Omenahyve (Appleklubi – Apple Finland User’s Club Ry) user’s magazine had an review of classic Apple ][ game, “CHOPLIFTER” (by Broderbund), in their December 1983 issue.


Original review by Esa Juntura, son of Aapi Juntura who wrote articles to the magazine and was quite a hardware hacker back in the day. Sadly the magazine was printed cheaply and there’s issues with quality, which, i’m afraid, i have NOT fixed as of yet. Maybe someday i’ll do complete rescan for the whole serie of issues published (i am missing few i think).



And the original box for the game (from my own collection). Thanks to Alex Lee of for the fixing the image.


Game boxes

Got bunch of original Apple ][ games last year from a friend who bought these brand new back in the day here in Finland. These got preserved at perfect version later on by well-known Apple ][ preservationist “4am”.  Love the old game box design a lot.


H.E.R.O. from Activision. This game have always been one of my favorites, even first i played this must have been either MSX or Commodore 64. Never seen or hold the box in my hand before.

Very cool comics inside!

PITFALL_II_BOXPITFALL II – LOST CAVERNS by Activision. I had this on MSX, about the first games on MSX i had. It took awhile to get the casette deck to load the games (non Spectravideo original deck). Never completed the game at the time, it was insanely difficult and i hated the game big time!

Very cool poster-style picture inside of the box.