Apple ][ and /// in Finland.

Here i’ll collect history of Apple ][ and /// in Finland, and why not, some projects of mine as well.

There’ll be posts about Finnish ad’s, manuals, software, hardware and such.

Preservation of software, methods, hardware needed, processes etc.


2 thoughts on “Apple ][ and /// in Finland.

  1. europlus

    @cosmoza, it’s great that you’re doing this preservation of this segment of the Apple ][ (and ///) market. Every country has a different story to tell, and it’s vital this material is preserved to show the depth and breadth of the Apple ][ world.
    I look forward to enjoying your continuing efforts in preservation, and the stories you have to tell, here on your site!
    Apple ][ Forever!

    PS I recommend you get the official Twitter WP plugin and the WP To Twitter plugin to automate Twitter integration on your site. Well worth the time to set up.

  2. cosadmoza Post author

    Thanks for your kinds words.
    Great tip about the Twitter plugin. I had that in mind, but have not yet had time to get into it. Will look into it sometime soon.
    Apple ][ forever 🙂

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