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Apple II : System Capabilities Demo #2 (8-78)

I once got this interesting (13-sector) floppy which had an label from CASETTE version of the very same, early Apple ][ software.  But the code P/N A2D0002 shows it’s an floppy product.
I somehow suspect this floppy originally came from Apple Computer Finland.

It sure is an label from a casette version.

Screen capture of the contents of the floppy.

Choplifter (Omenahyve, Joulukuu 1983)

Omenahyve (Appleklubi – Apple Finland User’s Club Ry) user’s magazine had an review of classic Apple ][ game, “CHOPLIFTER” (by Broderbund), in their December 1983 issue.


Original review by Esa Juntura, son of Aapi Juntura who wrote articles to the magazine and was quite a hardware hacker back in the day. Sadly the magazine was printed cheaply and there’s issues with quality, which, i’m afraid, i have NOT fixed as of yet. Maybe someday i’ll do complete rescan for the whole serie of issues published (i am missing few i think).



And the original box for the game (from my own collection). Thanks to Alex Lee of for the fixing the image.


WB-Sails Oy and Apple ][+

I came across this company recently while helping them with vintage Macintosh-hardware, that they have used Apple ][+ back in the day, early 1980’s, to design and cut sails for the sail-boats.

That Basic-software would be great to find and preserve.


Isonvillasaarentiellä tuli ahdasta ja Meripellontielle Centrum Marinan taloon siirryttiin 1983. Solveig Thun-Wilenin suunnittelema logo alkoi saada jo nykyisen kaltaisia piirteitä. Texas Instrumentsin ohjelmoitava laskin antoi tilaa Apple II:lle v. -81. Maailman ensimmäinen purjeensuunnitteluohjelma henkilökohtaiselle tietokoneelle ohjelmoitiin itse BASIC-kielelellä. 

Apple IIGS in Finland

Apple IIGS was never released or sold, in Finland. Only 3 test setups were imported for testing, reviewing and for demo usage.

Tero Sand had one of these donated to and used it for programming and also for the Apple Klubi / Omenahyve magazine creation. This unit was later donated to another user but the unit is now been trashed away. Sadly.

Apple IIGS was reviewed in few magazines inc. MikroBITTI but also, Tekniikan Maailma and also PRINTTI-magazine in issue 17/1986.

Due copyright reasons, i can’t offer pdf’s out of those reviews.



Mach II joystick for Apple II –

A friend of mine found an old receipt for MACH II Joystick for Apple II he bought back in 1986. Gladly he had saved up the receipt, it’s neat piece of Apple II-history.

It was quite pricy at the time, look at the 429FIM price tag on it! That was lots of saving to be done!



The box would have looked like this (this is not the actual one however).

I have few Mach III joysticks with one box as well.
Can’t really tell the price tag what it costs, 329FIM?

This was the best joystick for Apple II !