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Apple NPL II Information Management System (A2D0053)

Got an donation this summer for this software package, “Apple NPL II Information Management System” (A2D0053). I have not tried it what it would do however.. but it says it’s NonProgrammers Language which kind of sounds silly.




4950 FIM would be around 850€+ thesedays. Not too cheap.

Disk images at:



Apple Graphics Tablet (A2M0029, 1979)

The Apple Graphics tablet (A2M0029) was released in 1979 and sold for $650. You could draw images in 280 x 192 resolution.

It came with:
-Stylus pen
-Interface card for the Apple II/II+
-Transparent overlay card
-Manual “Operation and Reference Manual”
-Graphics Tablet Software.


“Graphics Tablet Software” -floppy.
My copy of the “Graphics Tablet Software” had some images on it, clearly drawn at some Computer Expo back in early 1980’s…

I have in my collection just the “Graphics Tablet Software” -floppy and the interface card.
I am, of cos, looking for the tablet itself, stylus pen and the manual.