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Chinese Apple II game manuals

Got an nice donation from Simon Ng all the way from Hongkong. He was kind enough to donate all these  for archiving. Even all of them might not be totally original, preserving these will serve the common good and preserving the history of Apple II in Hongkong/China/Taiwan.


-The Dam Busters (Accolade) – Chinese manual
-Project: The Space Station (HesWare) – Chinese manual
-The Halley Project: A Mission in our solar System (Mindscape) – Chinese manual
-Thunderchopper (ActionSoft) – English manual
-Ticket to Hollywood (BlueLion Software) – English manual
-Shard of Spring (SSI) – Chinese manual
-Rampage (Activision) – English manual
-Roadwar Europa (SSI) – English manual
-Techno Cop (U.S. Gold) – English manual
-Hacker II (Activision) – Chinese manual
-Strike Feet (EOA) – English manual
-Paperboy (Mindscape Inc.) – English manual
-The Seven Cities of Gold (EOA) – English manual
-Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games) – English manual
-Alice in Wonderland (Windham Classics) – Chinese manual


These games have either original Taiwanese gamebox or game manual (English/Chinese) and have Taiwanese  “Pirate” company TERMINATOR-badge on them.


I’ll scan the boxes, disk labels and the game manuals (when in Chinese) for archiving and they’ll be  available at > “Apple II Chinese Collection” and Asimov-archives.

Some of the English language manuals (or disk images) are already available but the missing ones, will be scanned and uploaded to & Asimov-archives.



The disk images will be available as well in Asimov. Most are cracked already, some are been cracked now in 2017 by talented crackers.

I’ll possibly crack these with the help of “Hardcore Computist”/”Computist” magazine just for the learning  purposes and as well, the FUN of it.


I was donated some hardware and software in Summer 2016 by an older gentlemen and this very nice boxed WILDCARD (it does works with //e as well) came with the donation.  I am not sure if these cards were sold here in Finland, or if they were ordered from the States. The card was of cos ment for copying (mainly single loading) software by capturing the memory after the software had loaded up and saving it to disk, even compressed into a single file. Very handy tool for non-cracker people who wanted to make their personal “backups”. This is later version which works with the Apple //e as well (64k). Later there were also an WILDCARD 2 (Alaskacard) which was able to capture full 128k memory. This is something i am missing from my collection. img_20160607_1835082 img_20160607_1834202 wildcard-plus-ad wildcard-floppy Manuals: Software: