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Apple II – Chinese Game Manuals online

Finally, i got the remaining Chinese game manuals scanned! These are now all available at:

They are scanned either 300 or 60dpi, black&white and some have box pictures and floppy labels scanned, if available. The quality of the originals wasn’t that great sometimes, but i did what i could. Important is, that they are now been saved up in digital form.


Apple /// – endless projects?

I have not one, but two, non working Apple ///’s. It’s pretty much normal if you own Apple ///.

No, these units are not found from Finland. I’ve never come across any Apple /// hardware in Finland, which is a shame. I know they had/sold 100’s of these (i have old stock inteventory listing which lists these) but i’ve never seen any in real life.

5v USA model. It’s pretty clean and seems to be working order (but that’s nothing in /// world).

And it’s serial. It’s an 120v USA model (those PSU’s are easy to convert 240v with just one jumper wire).

Like this: move the wire from 115v to 230v as above. Too bad, the caps on this PSU seems to be close to death, i can not get it to boot (feels like the current is not enough to power it up). I am in a process of getting an universal powersupply for it.

My european 230v powered, 12v board-model. It’s pretty rough…and dirty. Few caps missing, PSU works BUT needs recapping ASAP. The Profile powers up as well. It’s in project stage.. Have no idea if this could be made working in the end.

img_20151010_161447And it’s serial number. It is 128k model with extra memory board and that’s when we (again) get into trouble… (common theme with Apple ///?).

Cleaning the memory board.

img_20160424_1503332The RAM-test in boot (diagnose) gives out results like this…

..and i’ve managed to get it almost working with replacement board and swapping the chips. Still quite not there however. It could be the PSU issue as well.

apple-iii-collectionBrother’s in arms. Maybe someday one of them is made ALIVE! again…