Monthly Archives: May 2017

New Powersupply for Apple ///

Finally got around ordering new powersupply – “Universal Powersupply” for the Apple /// wich i had problems with booting up. Hope this will make things better.. and no need to start investigating the motherboard itself. Will comment more when i receive this and how the installation goes.

“Universal Powersupply” from (Apple /// version)

And new powercable. It’s surely good idea to replace the cable for some 35+ year old computer while you are at it.

Wish me luck!


ECHO-sound synthesizer cards

I got few pairs of ECHO Sound Synthesizer -card speakers awhile ago and started to look for the interface card as well as one did not come with them.

Luckily i was donated pair of cards  (thanks Will!)

“ECHO”-speakers. Is there reason for different color of the button?

-Echo 2+ (have mono and stereo outputs)
-Echo ][b

ECHO+ installed to my “main” Apple //e platinum.

Video of the “Alien Clonepure” & ECHO+ sounds:



Found this image from the internets, so this is how the retail package have looked like.