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Thanks to Kevin, I Want Atari 800!

God heavens what Kevin Savetz have done to me! Boo Atari. I am actually wanting to own an Atari! Even in the 80’s i thought Atari was lame, no (pirated) software around and everybody had an  Commodore 64 over here. Unless, you were one of those unlucky kids with their parents choosing the computer model for you, you had then Spectravideo, Spectrum, MSX.. or.. Atari. And so not so much games for you. Reminder, it was all about pirated software back then what was available in your circle-of-friends.


No. Seriously. Atari 800 8-bit is very interesting. I’ve wanted the original 800-model for ages but
after listening more and more of the ANTIC-podcast, by Kevin Savetz, i think the time is right. Just now where to find one? NTSC units are found rather easily from the eBay, but here in Finland, we have 230v AC current that makes it bit difficult as no power supplies around so easily. I could of cos,  buy the US-115v model and get an convertor box from 115v to 230v. Easy. Looks like that’s the only option. However, i’ve heard the is soon (?) building 230V power supplies for the 800….

I think the matter of NTSC vs PAL is trivial, or is it? Modern LCD’s should accept the signal easily (depends of the model and brand a bit). I’d be using most likely the 4:3 LCD TV model with Composite input that i have (those are getting harder to find as well now). The vintage CRT’s wont work well with NTSC machines, you’d  most likely end-up having black & white video.

If i would make things easy, i’d get Atari 800XL that is available so easily in Europe and no these “problems” would occur. But. It’s not as COOL. I don’t like much the design of the XL-serie. They look cheap to me.  Maybe i should look around if i could find one cheap enough to play around awhile at first… hmmmmmmmm.



Then of cos, the sd-card reader is needed, i think SIO CD by Lotharek is the best one for Atari.

Joysticks.. i have plenty of those.

So.. what’s stopping me?
Let’s do it.
Let’s Atari!

NO. It’s not going to be FinAtari anytime soon 🙂