Internal-External Drive Switcher for Apple //c:


The Internal-External drive switcher from is two piece adapter kit for the Apple //c. It allows choosing the boot device with using a switch between internal or external device as the default booting (Slot 6) drive. This is specially usefull with emulators such as wDrive and Floppyemu as it allows booting the new format, .woz, copy-protected disk images created with Applesauce.

There is that Custom ROM x4 but it doesn’t solve the fact that some software are hard coded to boot from Slot 6. For //c that means installing the wDrive to the internal drive connector, OR using such hardware device as this one.

I wanted this to be used with the //c that i have the Mockingboard 4c installed already. This would make spendid, small, gaming machine (with VGA output added).




Installed between the main logic board and the cable that leads to floppy drive. The smaller connecting cable from the adapter is then routed out of the case and installed to external adapter. The cable can be routed either thru the DB19 connector opening, composite adpater opening or vent hole of the case (might need some modding), anyway you choose.

Installed into external floppy port and the cable is installed that comes from the internal adapter.


The switch:
Switch in external adapter is ment for choosing what device/drive is active. Internal or external.




I have the adapter installed with //c that have Mockingboard 4c as well. I had to remove the DISK-II-LED adapter as it would not fit with the adapter installed nor i was sure if it would work either. I put the switch to “swapped”-mode (ext->int) and booted lots of proven working .woz files and they naturally loaded up OK. So the switch does what it’s advertised for. Also copied one floppy with booting from wDrive and writing it back to internal drive with CopyII+. Works perfectly.

The titles with Mockingboard support are bit hit-and-miss with the Mockingboard 4c. Either you need to try adjusting the slot before booting (from monitor) or use premodified images, but some do work directly as well after chosing the correct slot for the Mockingboard (4).

It is great feeling to have //c with .woz booting possibility, mockingboard and VGA output! This combination makes it great, small Apple II – gaming setup. Not sure what else even could be added?

Only waiting now for the Fastchip //c from to be added to this setup, IF it fits.. it might be tight fit as it’s already pretty tight fit with the Mockingboard 4c… but it’s possible.



The adapter works as promissed. Booting .woz files using wDrive works as one would expect. The installing is veryeasy. On the 20-pin connector on the main logig board installed adapter side was quite tight to install. Be carefull. If you want to load any disk images with the //c then this is kind of must. There’s otherways to boot from external devices, but this is baremetal option for that and it works always. This device is of of those kind of “must” have for Apple //c users.


Internal-External Drive Switcher for Apple //c is available from


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