Clear injection molded lid for Apple //e


I got one of these new clear injection molded lids for Apple //e from a friend who ordered a one with extra lids.



These were sold thru kickstarter by MacEffects, LLC

With several options, just the lid, lid with the case, //e to GS “Stealth” conversion and so on. If i understood correctly there’s also a brand new keyboard coming for the Apple //e. 

I didn’t take part of this as it really was out of my reach at the moment.


Few pictures of it installed to my test-rat-rod-rig. Now you really can see your cards and if you are cards with led’s on them you can really enjoy the light show! I also noticed that the lid is scrathed quite easily so beware of that. Otherwise it’s very well made part. It fits perfectly, it looks awesome and it came with the logo’s that are just like originals. He sells different replacement logos at if you need one.

Short video:

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