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Saturn 128k Reboot!


Saturn 128k Reboot was designed and manufactured by David Mutimer from Australia. He have designed and built lots of cards for the Apple II over the few last years like the following:

-Saturn 128k reboot
-RTC 2019 (Real Time Clock) 

Some of these are available from David directly in PCB form only.

The reboot card is based on old Staturn 128k – card but implemented with modern components and simpler and considerably smaller design. It works in all Apple II models with slots (except GS) adding 128k of RAM. The card contains eight 16k RAM banks accessed one at the time. The first bank is controlled the the software that makes it compatible with “language card” – additional 16k operation. Software that can use 64k+ will automaticly recoqnize the additional RAM i.e. Locksmith and Disk Muncher allowing one-pass writes to disks for example. Cool thing is that if you dont have traditional 16k language card installed you can install this card in any slot.

I bought just the PCB and the pre-programmed GAL-chip from David and ordered the parts and soldered it myself. It’s quite easy to solder so it was good practise for me as i haven’t soldered much since the 80’s school days.. I also later bought one assembled along with the BOOTI when it became available.


Original Saturn 32k RAM-expanion card vs. Saturn 128k Reboot.


Testing with copy programs.




Available from :

FinApple 2020 (c)
Apple II Forever.